SciDoLySE (Science des Données à Lyon et Saint-Etienne) is a group composed of the Machine Learning researchers of the different laboratories of our region. The institutions involved include CNRS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, EM Lyon, ENS Lyon, INRIA, INSA, Mines de Saint-Etienne, Université Lyon 1, Université Lyon 2, and Université Jean Monnet.

SciDoLySE is associated to the Institut rhônalpin des systèmes complexes (IXXI).

It organizes trimestrial meetings which are hold in the participating institutions. These one-day meetings are composed of several moments, including:

  • Scientific keynotes
  • Synthetic presentations of recent results by the members of the group
  • Tutorials
  • "Back from the conference" presentations
  • Exploratory reading groups
  • Expression of research needs in machine learning in related fields
  • Open problems sessions in small groups


You can contact SciDoLySE if you have a research project that you want to propose to all the members of the group.

The members of the organizing committee are: Yohann de Castro (ECL, ICJ), Aurélien Garivier (ENS Lyon, UMPA-LIP), Paulo Gonçalves (INRIA, LIP), Rémi Gribonval (INRIA, LIP), Julien Jacques (UL2, ERIC), Franck Picard (CNRS, LBBE), Céline Robardet (INSA, LIRIS) and Marc Sebban (UJM, LabHC).


The Scidolyse community is growing with the recent or pending arrival of new members. We are pleased to welcome :
Elisa Riccietti  joined the DANTE team of the LIP lab  in september 2020 as a Maitre de Conférences with ENS de Lyon.
Adrien Meynard joined the SISYPHE team of the Physics lab  in september 2021 as a Maître de Conférences with ENS de Lyon.
Guillaume Metzler joined the DMD team of the ERIC lab  in september 2021 as a Maître de Conférences with University of Lyon 2.
Mathurin Massias will join the DANTE team  in november 2021 as a Chargé de Recherches with Inria.
Julian Tacchella will join the SISYPHE team in december 2021 as a Chargé de Recherches with CNRS.